REC Polska nominowany do nagrody Eko-Inspiracja 2018
February 12, 2019

REC Poland has been nominated to the Eko-Inspiracja 2018 award

Foundation REC Poland has been nominated this year in the "Partnership" category for the "Eco-Inspiration" award. This distinction is awarded every year in a competition run by the "Ecology and Market" magazine. It is a competition that promotes sustainable development. Other categories are: Education, Product, Company, Leisure and Eco...

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Zakończenia prac hydrotechnicznych w projekcie Kampinoskie Bagna
January 5, 2019

The end of hydrotechnical works in the Kampinos Wetlands project

In the project impact areas: Dolna Łasica and KanałZaborowski, final acceptance of hydrotechnical works in the Kampinoskie Bagna project has been completed.  The area of impact of the work carried out includes land located on the board of the Kampinos National Park, including plots purchased during the project implementatio 

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Ocena obecnej sytuacji oczyszczania ścieków przemysłowych w regionie M. Bałtyckiego
December 11, 2018

Assessing the current situation in Baltic Sea Region

One of the main activities currently carried out under the BEST project is to develop a coherent description of the current situation in the treatment of industrial wastewater introduced to municipal sewage treatment plants in the Baltic Sea catchment. There are currently no such statements, and data and information are not collected or presented in a comparative form between...

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Odzysk fosforu  - dlaczego jest to ważne?
May 21, 2018

Phosphorus recovery - why is it so important?

In the magazine of Water Supply and Sewerage and on the website you will find articles devoted to the BEST project carried out by REC Poland (Btter Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment). The text is available at: BEST project is divided into a series of stages, each...

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