REC protects wetlands

One of the biggest project, which is currently being implemented by REC, is KAMPINOS WETLANDS. Aforesaid undertaking is an example of REC Poland’s activities regarding biodiversity preservation in the valuable natural areas.

January 20, 2015 | By Nina Jabłońska-Jambor

The aim of the aforementioned project is protection and restoration of the wetlands placed in the scope of Natura 2000 network, namely in Puszcza Kampinoska. This objective is being fulfilled by: improvement of moisture in the particular parts of Puszcza Kampinoska, inhibition of succession in the open moist habitats as well as minimizing conflicts between nature protection and social development.

Reconcilement of interests concerning nature protection and people needs is a crucial challenge for the project. A lot of attention has been given to the relevant project planning. Thanks to that the enhancement of moisture in the wetlands, which are directly located in the neighborhood of the built-up areas and utilized meadows, will not worsen living conditions of local society.

Project outcomes will include construction of 40 small dams in the drainage ditches and construction of levees, which will reduce drain of moist habitats through Łasica Canal. Moreover there will be created new drainages, through which water will flow to the lower area layers and at the same time some of the drainages will be liquidated. The project pay a special attention to assure protection, for the local society, from excess of surface water. To achieve this a levee, situated near the Sadowo village, will be developed and modernized and 120 ha of meadows, which are constantly flooded, will be purchased by Kampinoski National Park.

The project has a value of 4.3 mln euro and its implementation will have been finished by 2018. The project is being implemented thanks to the donors: LIFE+ and national funds, namely: NFOŚiGW and WFOŚiGW from Warsaw. Partners attending in the activities are: Kampinoski National Park, Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, REC Poland, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Provincial Management of Drainage, Irrigation and Infrastructure. REC Poland is responsible for coordinating works of consortium as well as conducting educational and consulting activities.