Conference about hazardous chemicals

REC Poland co-organizes conference on hazardous chemical substances

November 30, 2012

Heidrun Fammler from BEF Latvia opens another part of the conference. Around the table are delegations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland as well as guests from Finland, Sweden and Germany.

On November 28 and 29 in Riga, there was an international conference dedicated to the protection of the Baltic Sea environment and the functioning of the European system for regulation of hazardous chemicals and chemicals. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency ( and the Baltic Ecological Forum from Latvia ( organized the conference, which is part of the cyclical meetings of the Baltic Sea Strategy Priority, in cooperation with the Polish Agency for the Baltic Sea.

Participants represented central and regional administration institutions from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. There were also guests from Finland, Sweden and Germany. The conference discussed the implementation of EU regulations such as the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED, d. IPPC), REACH, the Water Framework Directive, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Particular emphasis was placed on the interdependence of these regulations. Participants also conducted discussions in national groups devoted to the specificities of the above-mentioned activities. The mechanisms in each country as well as the ways of substituting dangerous substances in industrial processes.

Konrad Kosecki from the Polish Office of the REC presents results of discussions on mechanisms of management of hazardous chemicals in Poland.

Polish delegation during the presentation. On the conference conference there were presentations shown of Ministry of Economy, the General Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, the Regional Water Management Board in Gdańsk, the Eko-Net consultancy company in Gdansk and the Polish REC Office.