Start of the project: Carpathians Unite – Sheep herding Revival

February 28, 2012

On 14th of February we officially started the project "Carpathians Unite" in Podhale. Within this project, REC will cooperate with the "Gazdowie" co-operative to restore the sheep grazing in the Polish Carpathians, which will prevent decreasing areas of meadows in recent years and also the disappearance of valuable natural habitats. Within the framework of the four-year project, over 700 sheep are planned to be purchased, constructed and repaired over a dozen or so huts, barracks and watercourses. Traditional mountainous reeds, international conferences and dozens of shepherding events are also planned. These activities will not only contribute to the preservation of nature, but also to the preservation of pastoral traditions and to the building of local communities, which together will benefit from conservation efforts. The project is financed by the Norwegian Fund and the main beneficiary is UNEP/GRID Warsaw.