Kampinos Wetlands in Portugal

August 18, 2017

At the beginning of May, REC Poland and Kampinoski National Park took part in the conference "The 7th Meeting of the European Conservation Network Workshop + LIFE CHARCOS Seminar + 12th Annual Chapter "SWS Chapter Meeting" The first part of the conference (1-4 May) was organized by the European Pond Conservation Network and by the Portuguese LIFE CHARCOS project, the second part (4-7 May) by the Society for Wetland Scientists. The conference was international and was attended by about 150 scientists and representatives from local government organizations, mainly from Europe but also from North America, Morocco and Yemen. Both parts of the conference took place at the University of Algarve Faro (Portugal). REC Poland and KPN presented the LIFE "KAMPINOS WETLANDS" project in the lecture session as well as in the poster session. LIFE CHARCOS was also used in the lecture room and in the field. At the conclusion of the conference, REC Polska took part in a trip to Doñana National Park - one of the most important wetlands in Europe.


Fot. 1 Elleni Vendras (REC Poland) is presenting project Kampinos Wetlands