What is the reason for the location of hydrotechnical objects in the project?

October 1, 2017 | By Barbara Grzebulska

Threshold in the area of Wilcza Struga. This object is intended to retain low water levels, while in high levels it does not stop the flow. October 2017

Small ditches and culverts, taking advantage of natural depressions, werealsodesigned to direct water from some artificial ditches to valuable natural wetland forests, which during periods of prolonged drought are threatened with excessive drying. All construction works were preceded by long-term monitoring studies (started in the project implemented in 2008-2011 "Elaboration of Restoration Measures for Kampinos National Park" and continued in the "Kampinos Wetlands" project), simulations of various variants from hydrological models and field studies, which allowed for the development of a way to manage the waters of the Kampinos Woodland.

Map of the location of objects built in the "Kampinos Wetlands" project in the Natura 2000 site Puszcza Kampinoska