Odzysk fosforu  - dlaczego jest to ważne?
May 21, 2018

Phosphorus recovery - why is it so important?

In the magazine of Water Supply and Sewerage and on the website you will find articles devoted to the BEST project carried out by REC Poland (Btter Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment). The text is available at: BEST project is divided into a series of stages, each...

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Postępy prac budowlanych w ramach projektu „Kampinos Wetlands”
November 9, 2017

Construction progress in the

Despite the extremely high rainfall in 2017, construction works in the Kampinos National Park are continued. The designed network of small hydrotechnical objects has been partially built or is still under construction as part of the LIFE12 NAT / PL/000084 

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Z czego wynika rozmieszczenie obiektów hydrotechnicznych w projekcie
October 1, 2017

What is the reason for the location of hydrotechnical objects in the project?

Small ditches and culverts, taking advantage of natural depressions, werealsodesigned to direct water from some artificial ditches to valuable natural wetland forests, which during periods of prolonged drought are threatened with excessive drying. All construction works were preceded by long-term monitoring studies (started in the project implemented in 2008-2011...

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